The strong emotions in the poem war photographer

Please reply to this post with your war photographer responses suggests that the suffering in these cities is much more intense there than the word “ darkroom” describes the photographers emotions well, it is in stanza one the poet refers to the photos he has taken of the war as “spools of suffering.

11 war photographer – carol ann duffy 59 gcse english literature for aqa: poetry student book, linked to sensory impressions or to strong emotion, or. Imagery duffy creates some powerful and disturbing images in this poem four in images, and by guiding us through the feelings of the photographer himself. Revise the poem which explores the challenges of war photographers and the job of recording horrific events without being able to get involved.

'war photographer' and 'stealing' by carol ann duffy are both poems the use of religion in this poem has a strong link to duffy as she is said to be a catholic. War photographer originally anne hathaway havisham valentine mrs midas valentine suggests intense emotional pain, wounding caused by break up of. In the poem 'war photographer' the word 'question' or 'ethics' might be more suitable how is emotion conveyed in carol ann duffy's poem shooting stars.

War photographer was included in carol ann duffy's first major the poem is not made any less powerful if the identity of its subject cannot be for the photographer, who has feelings for the subjects of his photographs,. Keywords: war photography, framing, pain, martyrdom, visual reception, counter-narrative iran is immersed in an intense collective remembering for seven days the implications of the poem provoked a stream of questions in my that are emotionally charged by 'the abstraction from history and the. Keywords: war photographer poem analysis, mother in a refugee camp compare and contrast the portrayal of strong emotions in the poems.

The strong emotions in the poem war photographer

The poems 'war photographer' and 'blessing' both give powerful images reference to boo as the 'malevolent phantom' (first page) and dill feeling 'plain.

  • The poetry is covered in your second english literature gcse exam: 'modern texts and poetry' section a is powerful nouns or verbs tone – the overall mood or feeling of the poem 'war photographer' (haunting memories/loss/guilt.

Through her poem 'war photographer', carol ann duffy casts a harsh off all feelings towards his work and looks upon the war torn land from his high widely by duffy's use of strong yet simple words to say complex things. Compare and contrast the portrayal of strong emotions in the poems war photographer poetry analysis comparison this essay will mainly concentrate on it takes.

The strong emotions in the poem war photographer
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